Sunday, January 22, 2006

We're home!! (one whole week)

Well, we survived our 14 hr. flight with Danielle (thank God for Benadryl) We've been home a week and in some ways it seems longer, probably due to sleep-deprivation! Janae and Natalie met us at the airport and they and Danielle bonded almost instantaneously. The week has had its ups and downs, of course, with normal sibling rivalry and jealousies. Danielle is sitting on my lap as I type this so my entry will most likely be short. I promised each of the girls that they could include somethine in the final blog so here it goes . . . Janae says: Danielle gives high fives and kisses. She is so cute. She eats everything. We had lots of smiles from Danielle today. Danielle is getting used to me. She found a new toy--it was a tunnel for her to crawl through. We think she's getting some more teeth. The best thing about being her sister is getting some smiles. The worst thing is when she cries her lungs off. She is laughing at this very moment. Natalie says: Danielle likes me sooo much. And she plays a lot. And that's it! Bye, people!

(From Tom) Lots to reflect upon. China was an amazing experience as was being so supported by our friends and family. Most of all, little Danielle is a miracle. We're all excited about being her family. Now if we could just get some sleep . . .


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