Friday, January 13, 2006

Goodbye to Guangzhou

It's late & we have to leave early tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Hong Kong where we will overnite at the airport hotel and then board our United flight direct to Chicago O'hare the following evening (weird b/c we leave at 6:35pm from Hong Kong on Sunday 1/15 and arrive in Chicago at 6:50pm that same day (after a 14 hr. flight!!). Needlesstosay, we are tired, no weary, and anxious to get home. Three of our eight families leave earlier tomorrow and will arrive home a day earlier (w/ many lay-overs in between). We originally didn't think the latter option was a good one for us with Danielle in tow, but it sure would be nice to arrive home a day sooner! Today we completed the last step of our required procedures for Danielle's adoption--we went to the consulate and swore an oath that we hadn't lied on her visa application. Seemed somewhat anti-climactic (sp?). We're eager to really celebrate when we get home, though. Thanks to all who have followed our journey via this blog and for all of the encouraging comments. Tom and I looked forward to reading them each day while we've been here. Zai jian (good-bye)


Anonymous Manon said...

Best of luck in your new adventure!
We went in Guangzhou in Sept 2003 and in Nanchang in July 2005.. It's great to be in China but it's also great to go back home. You have a wonderful daughter!Congratulations!!! (I got your web page address from my yahoo group)
Manon from Montreal

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