Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day of rest?

Today was supposed to be a free day to help everyone spend time with our babies and "catch up" a bit. Little rest for Sharon today, though. She's had a 25 or 30 pound "appendage" attached to her all day. The only time Sharon is not holding Danielle is when the latter is sleeping. Gave Sharon a backrub today and her shoulder muscles had some good-sized knots! Also exhausting to not even be able to go to the bathroom without your daughter screaming.

Sharon has been starting to get some smiles from Danielle today, and giggles have been overheard a few times. I say "overheard" because as soon as Dad gets too close, well, let's just say I'm pretty good buzz-kill at present. Have had some moments of Danielle letting down her guard a bit. Tonight, just before she went to sleep, she and I were actually passing a tissue back and forth between us. She was quite reticent at first but even let me give her a peck on the cheek after a few minutes of our little game. Was a pretty moving moment for me, seeing both the apprehension and the beginning of trust in her eyes. Our cool CD of Appalachian lullabys probably softened me up a bit, too. Moment of pure grace punctuating an otherwise long day.

Hope I can get these pictures to post.


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