Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 3

We've now made the obligatory (for anyone visiting China) trip to the Great Wall. Flat out amazing that they could build such a structure hundreds of years ago across almost 4,000 miles. Having 300,000 laborers probably pretty helpful, though. Dramatic contrasts of old & new China everywhere. Travelled up to the Wall in a modern cable car, but the bathrooms at the base were "squat pots." I'd have a picture of these on the site except that Sharon adamantly forbade me from doing so.

Amazing meal for lunch and then mind-boggling acrobatics show tonight. I think I pulled some muscles just watching. Cool at lunch to hear people's adoption stories. It seems the experience is difficult to talk about without reference to Providence, even for those who may not have had much spiritual nourishment previously.

Tomorrow Tiannamen Square and the Forbidden city. We'll be outside for about 3 hours and the forecast is for a windy day with temperatures in the teens. Then Thursday we'll stop being tourists and fly to Changsha to meet Danielle Hope Xingjie Nutter! We're all starting to get antsy.

Soaking in a lot but, being an introvert, I'm craving some replenshing alone time--and craving sleep. Sharon sleeping now. Hopefully both of us will do some "catching up" in that department tonight.


Anonymous Karri said...

Praying you'll get your much needed sleep! Just wanted you to know we're following your adventure and so very excited for you and the rest of your family.


1:57 PM  

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